You prefer producing everything at home, but you would like to record a real drumset?
A real Hammond? Percussion?

That is what overdubbing is. The recording of additional tracks to an existing playback, which was recorded and produced beforehand. 

The Planet Earth Studios is especially known for good drumsound. And we got everything a passionate drummer needs on hand and always ready to play. On request our studio drummers are also available. (reference: Gentleman, Alborosie, Rolf Stahlhofen, and many more)

But not only that. We are also a prestigous location for rap- and voice recordings. (KRS One, Masta Ace, Alkaline, Ufo361, Mosh36, Chefket, Cornel Campbel, and many more)

There is a original Hammond C3 with Leslie ready to play in the recording room. In addition to that there is a Rhodes Mark I, multiple guitars, amplifiers, and many more instruments that you are able to use.