Mastering is the final step in an audio production and therefore the last opportunity to alter the project before it gets distributed. 
We edit your mix to make sure that it sounds good on any stereo system and the maximum potential of the mix can be fully utilised. 
On a technical level the tonal difference which is generated through mastering is often described through features such as: more broad, deeper, more powerful, warm, loud and more consistent.
What this means is: Mastering differentiates a studio production from a home-made production. 

To adapt the frequency response we use an analog Neumann Equalizer paired with digital filters. Dynamic processing, overtone generation, stereo width and final limiting is done with the help of Wave and Izotope PlugIns.

We also take care that the single tracks of an album result in a consistent product. We create transitions between the single tracks and make sure that the individual titles merge together perfectly in sound and perceived volume. It is also obvious that we make sure that your project works smoothly on any kind of target medium. (CD, DVD, vinyl, TV, radio, iTunes, smartphone, etc.) 

We are pleased to make an non-binding offer for you via mail or in person !


What do I need to consider when it comes to mastering?

We need detailed information about your music and the production. Communication is key ! 
Make sure, that everything needed for a masteringsession is present:

- Track order (coupling) 
- Special information concerning the tracks (fades, edits) 
- Additional versions (halfplayback, instrumental, acapella) 
- CD-text, ISRC, EAN/UPC
- Full listing of required (WAV, MP3, DDP, MFIT, Master for vinyl) 
- Mixings in the right format explicitly named
- Contact details: pressing plant, recipient of the invoice, label

Can the titles mastered by Planet Earth cut on vinyl?

Yes. However it is mandatory to communicate that in advance to the mastering session, because there are settings to be made beforehand to provide a trouble-free transfer. If it turns out afterwards that a vinyl is to be produced, contact us so we can check if the master is compatible. We gladly talk directly to the Vinylcutting Engineer to provide a smooth process. We are working closely with the nearby located Vinylcutting Studio
Manmade Mastering, which guarantees magnificent results.

What are ISRCs?

ISRCs (International Standard Recording Code) are digital signatures that are integrated on audio CDs to identify the songs. These are usually mandatory for online music distribution and are normally given by the label. If you want these codes integrated on your CD, you need to provide it at the mastering session. 
Further information is found here: Bundesverband Musikindustrie

How do I manage to see my CD titles in iTunes etc.?

Gracenote (formerly CDDB) is an internationally open online databank, which provides information that are shown in iTunes and other programmes. This databank can be edited directly by every user, which means when you are in iTunes or any other programme and type in your album data through 'upload to CDDB' that every user can retrieve them. After you typed in the data it can take some time until the data record is shown on every device. Please note that a correct entering of the title and artist name is very important, because once the information is uploaded it is very difficult to change.
More detailled information can be found here: 
FAQ about the cDDB databank: 
UPC database:


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