We have been a prestigous location for rap- and voice recordings in Berlin for years. (KRS One, Morgan Heritage, Masta Ace, Alkaline, Ufo361, Mosh36, Chefket, Cornel Campbel, Capital Bra, Magnis, MO030, Rolf Stahlhofen, Megaloh, etc.)

We are also very well experienced in recording studio plays, voice-overs and voice demos, etc. 
(Titania Medien, Bildungsfilm, Volkshochschule Kreuzberg, etc.)


If you want to turn recordings into prepared playbacks, all you have to do is bring the track on USB or CD. When the playback is to be used for mix also, you should bring it as a wav-format, too.  

- We adjust the headphone mix, which enables you to sing and/or rap relaxed
- Then we make takes until everything is recorded perfectly 
- Doubles, additional voices, ad-libs 
- Roughmix immediately during the recording